Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Sunnyvale

Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Sunnyvale

Motorcycle accidents can be terrifying. While any type of accident on a highway or local road can result in serious injuries, someone is more likely to suffer severe injuries in a motorcycle wreck. Because motorcyclists have very little to protect them in the event of a fall or collision with another vehicle, injuries from motorcycle accidents in Sunnyvale can be life-altering or even life-threatening.

When you are dealing with the negative effects of crash injuries, reach out to a hard-working motorcycle accident attorney from the Solution Now Law Firm. We might be able to help you seek compensation for your losses.

Physical Injuries from a Motorcycle Crash

Many people experience physical injuries in motorcycle accidents. People on motorcycles have very little on their bodies to protect them if a car or truck hits them. Even if a rider is wearing a protective helmet as required by state law, the helmet is not perfect. A motorcyclist could still experience a serious head injury even while wearing a helmet.

Additionally, the helmet can only protect their head to a certain degree. This type of protection cannot shield a rider from experiencing other types of physical injuries, such as broken bones, back injuries, and internal organ trauma. Even if they do not actually collide with another vehicle, they could fall from their bike, risking broken bones, head injuries, and other injuries. Road rash, which causes cuts and lacerations, is also a common occurrence after a rider falls off their bike.

Recovering from physical injuries in a Sunnyvale motorcycle wreck can be grueling. Some people need to undergo hospitalization, surgeries, and physical therapy. They might need to take time off from work while they focus on recovery. Sadly, some people never fully recover from their injuries and face permanent consequences, such as mobility limitations or scarring. A lawyer could assess the lifetime impact of a crash survivor’s physical injuries in order to pursue a settlement or damages award that fairly compensates them.

Emotional Injuries After a Wreck

In addition to enduring bodily injuries, many motorcycle crash survivors in Sunnyvale face emotional struggles. Many people have strong feelings of anger, depression, and post-traumatic stress. Some people might find it difficult to cope with how their body has changed since the accident. If they have physical scars, even looking at their body or at their face in the mirror could trigger a difficult emotional response.

Treating emotional injuries is just as important as treatment for physical trauma. An attorney could use their experience from working for insurance companies to negotiate for a great settlement instead of forcing people to relive their traumatic experiences in court.

Contact a Sunnyvale Attorney About Your Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Because motorcycles are so open and unprotected, injuries from motorcycle accidents in Sunnyvale frequently have devastating physical, emotional, and financial aftermaths. You deserve a chance to pursue justice for all of your injuries resulting from the accident. When preparing a case, the attorneys from the Solution Now Law Firm could build a strong claim for compensation that represents all of your losses. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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