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Pile-Up Crash Kills Pedestrian
A man who was allegedly driving a stolen car triggered an eight-car wreck which killed a pedestrian on the street. Few details were available about the wreck, which happened on Lake Merced Boulevard near Higuera...Read More >>
Bicycle Helmets: Friend or Foe?
Like most other jurisdictions, the Golden State has a limited bicycle helmet law. Generally, riders under 17 must wear helmets in California. This requirement applies to anyone who uses an unpowered, wheeled vehicle in a...Read More >>
Lo que debe saber sobre los accidentes de peatones
The year-round nice weather in California usually means that there are many pedestrians outside almost all year long. So, one would think that drivers would keep a more careful lookout for pedestrians in California. Yet...Read More >>
Análisis de un accidente relacionado con el alcohol en California
A fines de la década de 1980, defensores y funcionarios comenzaron una campaña de décadas para sacar a los "conductores ebrios" de las carreteras. Esta campaña incluyó impulsos de relaciones públicas, leyes más estrictas, como un límite de BAC más bajo y una aplicación de la ley más estricta... Lee mas >>
How Has COVID-19 Impacted Auto Accidents in California?
The COVID-19 pandemic has closed office buildings and schools. Many people are spending more time at home than ever, meaning fewer people are on the roads driving. So what has that meant for auto accidents...Read More >>
Reclamo de seguro de colisión de automóvil de mala fe
Victims of traffic collisions have the right to sue the negligent party for damages. These damages include medical bills, future medical costs from procedures or equipment, lost wages, lost earning capacity due to a disability,...Read More >>
How Tires Can Impact Your Chances of Being in a Collision
Tire pressure and tire tread are important to your safety, as well as other road users’ safety. For example, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 738 fatalities on the road in 2017 were...Read More >>
Dealing With a Negligent Driver’s Harassment
You survived the initial impact of the collision. Next, you survived being taken to the hospital and undergoing treatment and surgery. Finally, you are released from the hospital, only to find that you have a...Read More >>

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