Sunnyvale Child Injury Lawyer

Sunnyvale Child Injury Lawyer

Watching your child suffer in an accident is heartbreaking. Children are typically more vulnerable to severe injuries because of their small stature and growing bones. When your child suffers traumatic injuries, you will likely face mounting medical bills and may lose time at work to care for them, impacting your family’s finances.

While trying to hold a negligent motorist accountable seems daunting, our attorneys can help. Whether your child was a passenger, pedestrian, or riding a bike when the accident occurred, we could build a case to prove the negligent person created the unfortunate situation. A Sunnyvale child injury lawyer could advocate for a child too young to help themself. Call a dedicated accident attorney at Solution Now Law Firm today.

What Is Negligent Behavior?

Negligence exists when someone’s behavior diverges from how a reasonable person would act with caution and consideration to others.

In cases where children are injured in automobile accidents, the court will consider if motorists who caused them were acting unreasonably by:

  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic rules
  • Drinking while driving
  • Failing to pay attention to the road while texting

Negligence is established when the person’s unreasonable behavior leads directly to an accident in which a child is injured. Consult an experienced Sunnyvale child injury attorney to discuss the specifics of an accident.

Parents Can Sue on an Injured Child’s Behalf

Minors cannot represent themselves; they must be aided by a parent or guardian who pursues a lawsuit on their behalf. A settlement with the defendant’s insurer may be possible with a skilled lawyer negotiating.

In California, settlements must be reviewed by a judge to ensure they adequately serve a child’s interests. Solution Now Law Firm’s child injury lawyers in Sunnyvale could file a civil lawsuit asking the courts for appropriate compensation.

Damages Available to Injured Children

Depending on the severity of a child’s injuries, the effects of an accident can last a lifetime and impact a child’s future employment and social prospects. Even when physical damage eventually heals, emotional damage may remain indefinitely. At Solution Now Law Firm, we assign experts to every case to ensure all damages are accounted for.

The court may award an injured child economic and non-economic monetary damages. Economic damages are those that parents pay out of pocket, so they carry a price tag. Non-economic damages are those assigned a value by the jury after an attorney argues for them. Together, they are known as compensatory damages. Examples of compensatory damages include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Limits to future employment
  • Long-term and future medical care
  • Medical care immediately after the accident
  • Parents’ wages lost while caring for an injured child
  • Recurring psychological trauma from experiencing the accident

California law typically allows two years for adults to bring negligence lawsuits against an irresponsible defendant. However, the statute of limitations tolls for minors; the clock begins ticking when minors turn 18. Thus, if a parent or guardian fails to represent a minor after an accident, a lawsuit can still be filed with the help of an injury attorney in Sunnyvale once the minor reaches adulthood.

Seek Justice With a Sunnyvale Child Injury Attorney

The anguish you feel when your child is injured because of someone else’s negligent behavior is immeasurable; however, our dedicated lawyers could help you measure how much your child should be compensated depending on the severity and long-term repercussions of the injuries. We do not take on many cases at a time to ensure your case will get the attention it deserves.

While you help your child get better, we can gather evidence of the defendant’s wrongdoing. Text or call a Sunnyvale child injury lawyer at Solution Now Law Firm to get started on your child’s claim.

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