Hit and Run Car Accidents in Sunnyvale

Hit and Run Car Accidents in Sunnyvale

Striking another car while driving and leaving the crash scene without exchanging information with the other motorist is a hit and run. Vehicle collisions with drivers who fail to stop are stressful and usually frustrating.

However, an at-fault driver leaving the scene does not mean you have no options to recover payment to fix the property damage. Call a hard-working attorney experienced with hit and run car accidents in Sunnydale to schedule a consultation and review your case.

The Damages Recovery Process

It is a common misconception that it is impossible to recover damages when the at-fault party leaves the scene because California is an at-fault driver insurance state. However, the state requires that all auto insurance policies carry uninsured/underinsured coverage automatically.

Therefore, every policyholder has coverage unless they refuse it manually. The additional coverage will reimburse a person for losses from hit and run car crashes in Sunnyvale in most cases. An experienced injury attorney could handle communications with an insurance company and secure the maximum potential payout for injuries and losses.

Common Hit and Run Crash Injuries

Some of the typical bodily injuries and losses people sustain in crashes with drivers who run from the scene include:

After any car crash in Sunnyvale, and especially those where a motorist flees the scene, it is essential to gather any available evidence at the scene and document everything as thoroughly as possible.

The California Uninsured Motorist Act

The California Uninsured Motorist Act protects drivers by making it mandatory for all auto insurance providers in the state to offer coverage to policyholders for accidents with uninsured motorists. Under the California Insurance Code § 11580.2, the minimum coverage requirements include $15,000 in coverage for injuries per person and $30,000 per auto collision. They must also offer $5,000 for property damages caused per accident. While the statute provides the mandatory minimum coverage requirements, policyholders can elect to carry additional coverage amounts to protect them from suffering financial damages from uninsured motorists and hit and run collisions.

After crashes with drivers who flee the scene, the motorist may contact their auto insurance company to open a claim to collect a payout for damages. When insurance carriers fail to evaluate the damages fairly and act promptly to resolve the claim, it could result in paying damages caused by bad faith. All Sunnyvale hit and run car collisions have varying circumstances and unique details. Speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer could effectively determine the path forward and help a person collect fair payment for damages, depending on the case’s specifics.

Speak to an Experienced Attorney About Sunnyvale Hit and Run Car Accidents

Any time a motorist hits another vehicle, whether stopped or moving, and leaves the accident scene, they commit a hit and run. While traffic incidents are often upsetting, there are avenues to obtain compensation to cover your property damage and other losses.

State legislation requires that everyone involved in an auto collision stop and exchange identifying information with the other drivers, regardless of fault or the severity of the damage. When that does not happen, there could be other options for recovery. Call a diligent lawyer knowledgeable about hit and run car accidents in Sunnyvale for more information or help with your case.

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