Teen Driving Accidents in Sunnyvale

Teen Driving Accidents in Sunnyvale

Less experienced teenage drivers are more likely to cause collisions, making it essential for them to avoid careless actions while behind the wheel. All drivers have an obligation to use caution and avoid causing harm to others. When young drivers cause avoidable crashes with others, the injured driver has the right to recover damages through a civil claim.

State laws could entitle you to compensation when teenage carelessness caused you harm and other losses in teen driving accidents in Sunnyvale. Schedule a meeting with a hard-working car accident attorney for more information or help preparing a case.

The Dangers of Teen Texting While Driving

Texting while operating a motor vehicle is negligent and hazardous for all drivers, but a teen driver’s inexperience elevates the risk of accidents significantly. Texting entails three primary forms of motorist distractions: visual, physical, and mental. Reading or sending a simple text message can and often does have fatal consequences.

According to the data collected by the National Library of Medicine, driver inattention is a severe problem among young drivers. Such inattention includes distractions like using a smartphone for calls or reading and sending text messages. While most teenagers understand the substantial risk of the action, a large percentage still engage in hazardous action while operating motor vehicles. Despite ongoing education and preventive steps, teen distractions while driving are a significant and increasing cause of accidents in Sunnyvale.

Driving Restrictions for Teenagers

Teenage drivers have certain restrictions they must comply with after obtaining their driver’s license. According to the rules provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the regulations restrict motorists from specific actions, including:

  • Driving a vehicle between 11 PM and 5 AM for the first year after obtaining a license
  • Transporting passengers, unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, under 20 years old, except for some exceptions, for the first year
  • Driving under the age of 18 and using a cell phone, including hands-free devices

An attorney skilled in handling teen driving crashes in Sunnyvale could investigate and analyze the evidence to determine compliance with the laws.

Zero-Policy for Underage Drinking

It is unlawful for drivers under 18 to drive a car after having any alcohol. Failing to comply with the rule will result in a license suspension of one to three years.

Recovering Damages In Teen Driver Accidents

After establishing fault, the court may award damages for the following:

  • Inconvenience
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Prescriptions and medical equipment
  • Lost wages, earning potential, and benefits

A Sunnyvale lawyer could help gather the essential evidence to establish fault and collect a fair award for damages and losses caused by a teen driving collision.

Parental Liability

Parents must sign a consent form in order to allow their minor kids to drive. The authorization assumes liability for collisions their children cause until they turn 18. Parents and guardians also have the legal right to file a request for their children to surrender their driver’s licenses and withdraw consent, causing them to lose their driving privileges immediately.

Meet With a Knowledgeable Attorney About Sunnyvale Teen Driving Accidents

Accidents involving young motorists are common and often involve carelessness and inexperience. When you are in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you can take legal action and pursue payment to cover your damages and losses.

The recovery process when teen drivers are involved is more complex, and a lawyer experienced with teen driving accidents in Sunnyvale can provide guidance throughout and help build a solid argument. Call today to schedule a consultation to review your case.

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