Traffic Laws for San Jose Pedestrians

Traffic Laws for San Jose Pedestrians

San Jose is a walking-friendly city that is typically safe for pedestrians. However, these rules and laws have not eliminated all pedestrian accidents, which often result in severe injuries. Luckily, a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney could help an injured person pursue compensation for the damage.

Consult one of our lawyers to discuss traffic laws for San Jose pedestrians and a strategy for pursuing damages from the negligent party who caused you harm.

Pedestrians and Vulnerable Road Users

When many people think of pedestrians, they think solely of walkers. However, the term includes all vulnerable road users:

  • Walkers
  • Roller skaters
  • Skateboarders
  • People in wheelchairs
  • People with disabilities using other assistive devices are all pedestrians

Even when pedestrians do not have the right of way, motorists and cyclists must look out for the safety and well-being of pedestrians.

The state encourages drivers not to pass any vehicle stopped at a crosswalk because a pedestrian may be crossing the street. They also encourage drivers to give adequate passing time to pedestrians, especially those who may take extra time to cross the street.

Pedestrians do not always have the right of way, but they do have it in all crosswalks. A crosswalk is any part of the road where pedestrians can safely park the road, though not all are marked. They may have white or yellow lines to indicate them. Other crosswalks may have flashing lights. A pedestrian has the absolute right-of-way in any crosswalk, no matter how it is marked.

Pedestrians who are blind and using either a guide dog or a white cane to give notice of their blindness always have the right-of-way in all situations. In addition to yielding the right of way to pedestrians who are blind, drivers should be aware of them. This is especially important for drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles because blind people cannot hear those vehicles. Drivers should not block a crosswalk when stopped at an intersection. They should also avoid honking at blind pedestrians.

In addition to state traffic laws, San Jose supplements pedestrian laws with its own rules and regulations.

Rules for Pedestrians

San Jose Municipal Code chpt. 11.64 outlines the rules for pedestrians concerning traffic. Generally, the law prohibits pedestrians from standing on any roadway if doing so will interfere with traffic unless the pedestrian is in a safety zone or crosswalk. The rules also provide instructions on where the pedestrians should walk, directing them to the right half of the crosswalk when possible.

While pedestrians can generally cross roads, it is expressly prohibited in any business district unless Scramble is in effect. Pedestrians should cross at a right angle to a curb and by the shortest route to the opposite curb. When there are pedestrian tunnels or pedestrian crossings, they are only for pedestrians. Pedestrians are not required to use them, but when available, they are the safer option.

The city also has special rules for people with blindness. They can get permits for canes with stop signs. Drivers are to yield the right of way to people with those stop sign canes in all marked and unmarked stop signs. This rule reinforces the state rules that drivers should yield to drivers who are blind at all times.

Consult a San Jose Attorney About Pedestrian Traffic Rules

When you are in a pedestrian accident, it is essential to understand the applicable rules. Our lawyers could help review the traffic laws for San Jose pedestrians. Even if you contributed to the accident, drivers still must watch out for pedestrians.

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