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Jimin Oh, recognized as a Leading Car Accident Attorney of the Year 2022
Solution Now Law Firm is honored to have recently been featured in Acquisition International, a prestigious magazine for professionals. The article highlighted Solution Now Law Firm’s founder Jimin Oh, and her achievements this year, being...Read More >>
Types of Damages
Personal injury cases are handled in the civil court system as opposed to the criminal courts. There are numerous differences between civil cases and criminal cases including the type of consequences. In civil cases the...Read More >>
E-Scooter Safety in the San Jose Area
KQED reported that scooter-related injuries rose from an estimated 8,016 to 14,651 between 2017 and 2018. More concerning is that the article mentions a study found that 32 percent of the scooter injury cases involved...Read More >>
Common Insurance Company Defenses In Car Wreck Claims
A few vehicle collision claims settle almost immediately. But insurance companies earn more than $1 trillion a year in premiums. So, they have plenty of resources with which to hire high-priced lawyers. These attorneys have...Read More >>
The Five Kinds Of Driver Impairment
Every year, vehicle collisions seriously injure almost five million Americans. Sometimes, these vehicle collisions happen suddenly and with little warning. Other times, the chain of events leading to a vehicle collision starts before the tortfeasor...Read More >>
Choosing the Right San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer
Every year, vehicle collisions seriously injure about three million Americans. These serious injuries are usually permanent. Head injuries are a good example. Frequently, the motion of a crash, as opposed to a trauma impact, causes...Read More >>
Green, Yellow, and Red Pedestrian Accidents
Although most media outlets routinely use the A-word in these situations, when a motor vehicle hits a pedestrian, the incident is not an accident. People accidentally leave the water running. They don’t accidentally ignore pedestrians...Read More >>
Alcohol-Fueled Wreck In The Marina District
Few details were available about a crash between an SUV and municipal bus that caused multiple serious injuries. According to a witness, an SUV driver was westbound on Lombard when he crashed into a northbound...Read More >>

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