Distracted Driving Accident

Device Distraction Claims in California
Most drivers agree that it is very dangerous to use a cell phone or other device while driving. Yet most drivers also admit that they regularly, or at least occasionally, use such devices while they...Read More >>
Do Heads Up Devices Live Up to the Hype?
As we speak, many teams of scientists and marketing professionals are working to develop, patent, and market new inventions to make us more productive and comfortable.  Every so often, a fancy new gadget really does...Read More >>
Distracted Driving Risks Are Not Limited to Cell Phones
Lots of parents worry when their children reach the age where many of their peers have their own cell phones.  You might worry about cyberbullying or just about the pressure of kids feeling like they...Read More >>
How GPS Distraction Leads to Uber Crashes
My Uber Driver Crashed While Looking At Their Phone Smart phones have untold numbers of uses, and just about every driver has one with them every time they get behind the wheel of a car....Read More >>
Infotainment Systems
Apple now has a feature that is called Carplay, where all of the standard Apple applications are available through the car’s navigation system. According to Apple, over 500 car models already work with Carplay and...Read More >>

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