Sunnyvale Car Accident Lawyer

Sunnyvale Car Accident Lawyer

A motor vehicle crash can do more than just cause property damage. In addition to having to get your car repaired, you might face countless other obstacles that can take up your time and cost you a great deal of money. You might experience painful physical and emotional wounds that can affect your daily life by limiting your ability to work and participate in activities with your family and friends.

The Sunnyvale car accident lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm are here to help you pursue the payments you need to move on with your life. Our dedicated injury team is committed to making things right for you after a collision.

Common Reasons for Motor Vehicle Collisions

While every automobile collision is unique, many of them occur for the same reasons. Driver carelessness or recklessness leads to many preventable accidents in Sunnyvale and across the country.

Driver Error

Motorists have the responsibility to drive safely and avoid actions that could jeopardize the safety of other people on the roads. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Driver errors that often lead to crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving due to cellphone usage, eating, changing the radio, or other actions
  • Driving while overtired or falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Road rage
  • Driving without required glasses or contact lenses
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Running through red lights and stop signs
  • Aggressive driving, such as tailgating, illegal passing, or reckless lane changing
  • Failure to yield when merging
  • Using high-beam lights in traffic
  • Choosing to drive in bad weather

These and other driving mistakes lead to devastating automobile crashes.

Problems with the Car

Even when all motorists obey the rules of the road, accidents can occur if there is a problem with the car. Sometimes crashes happen when cars have inherently defective brakes, steering mechanisms, or other parts. In these cases, an injured claimant can sometimes look to the vehicle’s original manufacturer for compensation. Other times, car parts break down over time. Cars need routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs. If a mechanic fails to perform required repairs or a car’s owner fails to maintain the vehicle, an injured claimant might have legal grounds to pursue a claim.

A seasoned attorney in Sunnyvale could assess a particular car accident case to determine who is at fault and take legal action against them.

Different Types of Automobile Accidents Occurring in Sunnyvale

The team at Solution Now Law Firm has experience handling all types of car wreck claims. Some of the most common accidents include:

Rear-End Crashes

The most common type of crash is a rear-end collision, in which a trailing car hits another vehicle from behind. These crashes happen when the trailing car is tailgating or not paying close enough attention to changes in traffic.

Head-On Wrecks

Head-on accidents often involve very high speeds. Although these crashes occur less frequently than others, they can be the most dangerous due to the force of the impact of two cars moving toward each other.

T-Bone Collisions

The weakest part of a car is the side panel. When one car strikes the side of another vehicle, the occupants of the struck vehicle are at risk of suffering the most harm.

Single-Car Accidents

Single-vehicle accidents happen when a motorist hits something, such as an animal, fence, guardrail, or pole, or veers off the road.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Multi-vehicle pileups often happen on highways or when road conditions are poor. These wrecks can be catastrophic to everyone involved.

Get in Touch With a Sunnyvale Car Accident Attorney

Determining fault after a car crash is sometimes complicated, which is why working with an experienced and knowledgeable Sunnyvale car accident lawyer is critical. If you are recovering from injuries sustained in a crash, our trusted legal team could help. We put our clients first, which means assigning a group of experts to every case and prioritizing a quick turnaround so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible. Call us today to set up your free initial consultation.

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