Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Sunnyvale

Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Sunnyvale

Car crashes caused by driver distractions continue to increase. Distracted driving poses a significant threat of harm to the motorist, other drivers, pedestrians, and bicycle riders.

When a person’s negligence causes others to suffer physical harm, they must be held accountable for their thoughtless actions. Schedule a meeting with a diligent attorney skilled in distracted driving car accidents in Sunnyvale when you need help with a claim or would like more information.

Three Forms of Motorist Distractions

Safe driving requires focusing solely on the road and operating the vehicle cautiously. Distracted driving comes in different forms, and all can put the motorist and others near them at higher risk of getting in accidents. The three forms of driving distractions include:


Central and peripheral vision work together to make up the vision field, and both are essential for the safe operation of vehicles. Central vision focuses on the vehicles and objects ahead, and peripheral catches cars or pedestrians approaching from the side. When distractions cause the motorist to look elsewhere, such as at a smartphone, the chance of collisions increases substantially.


Manual distractions are those in which someone takes their hands off the steering wheel to complete another action while operating a car. Examples of manual distractions include writing a text message, checking a cell phone, or eating while driving a vehicle.


Cognitive distractions take the motorist’s concentration away from operating the car safely. Talking to passengers, lack of sleep, or stress can all cause the individual’s mind to wander away from driving.

Examples of Distractions While Driving

Some of the most typical driver distractions include:

  • Talking to passengers
  • Reaching for objects in the car
  • Grooming or make-up application
  • Adjusting a radio or navigation system
  • Eating or drinking beverages while driving
  • Talking on a cell phone requires holding or using hands to control
  • Daydreaming or wandering mind taking the focus off of vehicle operation
  • Reading, creating, and sending text messages from cell phones and other handheld devices

An attorney in Sunnyvale could locate and gather the evidence to prove the liable driver was not paying attention before the car crash occurred.

Traffic Safety Hands-Free Rule

Most states enforce distracted driving rules and regulations in an effort to prevent the number of severe accidents leading to life-threatening or fatal injuries. According to the rules provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety, the regulations prohibit drivers from using handheld communication devices for any purpose while driving an automobile.

Motorists may only use hands-free voice control equipment or face paying a traffic regulation violation fine. However, individuals under 18 may not use any form of communication device, including those that are hand-free. A car accident lawyer in Sunnyvale could answer questions about the distracted driving rules and legislation during the consultation.

Call an Attorney Knowledgeable About Sunnyvale Distracted Driving Car Accidents Today

Distracted driving is comparable to intoxicated driving and puts countless motorists at risk of severe accidents and bodily harm daily. Lawmakers continue to enact regulations to decrease the number of collisions. However, serious traffic incidents – most of which are avoidable – continue to rise.

State tort laws could entitle you to collect a settlement if an inattentive motorist causes you to suffer harm in an avoidable collision. Call a dedicated lawyer experienced in distracted driving car accidents in Sunnyvale to review the details of your case and your options to recover damages. Call Solution Now Law Firm to initiate a thorough investigation and evidence analysis.

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