San Mateo Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

San Mateo Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents happen far too often in San Mateo and frequently result from the carelessness or negligence of inattentive motorists. When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the driver will often escape unscathed. However, the pedestrian’s complete lack of protection can leave them suffering from tremendous and even life-threatening injuries.

A San Mateo pedestrian accident lawyer could help you pursue a legal case for compensation if a negligent driver injured you in a recent collision. Even if it seems like the at-fault party is obvious, insurance companies do not have your interests as their primary concern and will often try to mitigate blame or avoid paying out a fair settlement. You need not deal with the challenges of a legal claim on your own. The dedicated injury team at Solution Now Law Firm is here to help.

Liability in Pedestrian Collisions

Proving fault is an essential part of any injury claim. Determining liability after a pedestrian accident will often come down to proving the motorist’s negligence. Examples of potentially negligent acts that could lead to a pedestrian collision include operating the car despite being under the influence of a substance or alcohol, speeding, failing to yield, or failing to stop when and where indicated. However, to establish that the motorist was negligent, their actions and the circumstances of the collision must satisfy four requirements: a duty of care, a failure to observe that duty of care, causation, and finally, damages.

All motorists possess a legal duty of care to drive their vehicles reasonably and safely to avoid inflicting injuries upon others. A driver who acts carelessly or recklessly and injures a pedestrian has violated this duty of care and can be held accountable for the injured person’s physical, emotional, and financial losses. While proving liability may sound relatively straightforward, this is not always the case.

The parties involved may have a different account of the circumstances that preceded the crash. The driver or their insurance company may try to lay a certain level of blame on the pedestrian. There is also the process of building a compensation claim, which includes conducting a complete investigation of the accident, collecting evidence, speaking with witnesses, constructing the demand letter, and more. Bear in mind California also follows the legal concept of pure comparative negligence, which means that pedestrians can be assessed a measure of blame for their injuries and still receive compensation. Still, that portion of the blame will reduce their potential compensation. It is wise to work with a San Mateo attorney from the start of a pedestrian crash case who could provide powerful legal representation while making certain that nothing slips through the cracks in seeking compensatory damages.

Recoverable Damages for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

A primary concern for pedestrians in the aftermath of a roadway collision is the financial cost of medical care and treatment. A settlement or court award in a pedestrian personal injury case could include numerous types of financial compensation, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic damages are dollar-amount costs related to an injury, such as ambulance bills, hospital expenses, physical therapy costs, and lost wages. Non-economic damages are not tied to a particular dollar amount. They can include psychological anguish, pain, suffering, and loss of life enjoyment that the pedestrian has sustained due to their injuries.

Punitive damages may be available in some cases where the defendant’s behavior was particularly egregious. Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future. A San Mateo pedestrian wreck attorney could further advise what damages may be claimable based on the specifics of a particular case.

Consult with a San Mateo Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Beyond the adverse physical outcomes and injuries that a pedestrian accident can inflict, the medical bills and other financial costs can quickly pile up and compound an already challenging situation. If you believe someone’s negligence is to blame for your injuries, your next call should be to a San Mateo pedestrian accident lawyer at Solution Now Law Firm.

Our dedicated team could help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve. To set up your free case evaluation consultation, call the office today.

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