San Jose Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

San Jose Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries can significantly impact your life. You face expensive and prolonged medical treatment. You may be unable to work for months or even years, depending on the nature of your injury. Your bills cannot wait, and you should not have to.

If you have incurred a debilitating injury because of someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, you deserve fair and prompt financial compensation. A dedicated San Jose catastrophic injury lawyer is ready to seek justice on your behalf. At Solution Now Law Firm, our skilled injury attorneys are committed to making things right for you. To learn more about what we could do for you, reach out right away.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

While the legal system does not define catastrophic injuries, this term generally refers to injuries that severely restrict people from living life as they did before the injury. Examples of catastrophic injuries are:

Motor vehicle crashes most commonly cause catastrophic injuries, although any situation where a party’s negligence leads to serious injuries could serve as grounds for a civil suit. A knowledgeable catastrophic injury lawyer in San Jose could provide more insight into whether a case is legally actionable.

Plaintiff Must Prove Defendant Caused the Accident

To prevail in a lawsuit seeking damages after a catastrophic injury accident, the plaintiff must prove the defendant was at fault. To accomplish this, a plaintiff must show the defendant owed a duty of care, which entails acting in a manner a reasonable person would act in a like situation. The defendant must breach the duty by acting recklessly or carelessly, and the actions must be the proximate cause of the damages sustained by the plaintiff.

Evidence that could be used to establish negligence includes police reports, medical charts, witness statements, and more. The skilled San Jose catastrophic injury attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm are experienced in collecting evidence like this, and we assign a group of experts to every case to ensure that every possible step is taken to prove a defendant’s negligence.

Potential Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

In California, plaintiffs can recover economic and non-economic compensatory damages in the amount the jury decides in most personal injury cases. Compensatory damages are designed to put the plaintiff in a similar financial position as before the accident. Economic damages refer to medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages are those that are less quantifiable, such as disfigurement, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of normal family life.

Punitive damages can also be awarded in some cases where a defendant’s conduct is particularly egregious. A well-versed San Jose catastrophic injury attorney could explain what damages might be available in a particular case.

San Jose Catastrophic Injury Attorney

When an injury is catastrophic, the road to recovery is often an uphill battle. If someone else caused your injuries, it is only fair that they compensate you.

We fight insurance companies fond of lowball settlement offers and fight in court to prove your negligence claim against a reckless defendant. If punitive damages are available in your situation, we will fight for those, too. A San Jose catastrophic injury lawyer is waiting for your phone call. Set up your free case consultation today.

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