San Jose Amputation Lawyer

San Jose Amputation Lawyer

The sudden loss of a limb in an accident can have devastating consequences. A traumatic amputation can affect the rest of your life, leaving you with long-term medical care needs. Many amputees are unable to keep their jobs, leaving them struggling to make ends meet.

If someone else’s negligence contributed to the loss of a limb or sudden amputation, you could have the legal right to collect compensation. A San Jose amputation lawyer could provide more information and help with your case. The experienced catastrophic injury attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm are prepared to support you through this challenging time.

Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

Accidents can cause someone to lose a limb in the moment or lead to circumstances requiring sudden amputation at a hospital. Common amputation injuries involve someone losing their fingers, toes, arms, or legs because of a disastrous incident. Car and motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of sudden amputations, although virtually any type of accident can have this outcome.

When another person’s careless actions cause an avoidable accident that leads to amputation injuries, the civil court could hold the negligent party financially accountable. A San Jose attorney could investigate the cause of an amputation injury and gather the evidence needed to demonstrate fault.

Recoverable Damages in Amputation Claims

Courts consider many variables when determining damages in amputation cases. The court awards economic and non-economic damages after proving liability in most personal injury cases. Economic damages cover objectively verifiable monetary losses, while non-economic damages cover non-monetary losses, such as pain and suffering. A lawyer could help an injured person recover the following types of damages after an amputation accident:

  • Medical expenses and ongoing healthcare, including physical and psychological therapy
  • Medical devices and prescriptions
  • Home modifications
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life and companionship
  • Mental pain and anguish
  • Pain and suffering

An amputation injury can have lifelong consequences. The San Jose lawyers at Solution Now understand the importance of seeking compensation for current and future needs.

Comparative Negligence in Amputation Injury Cases

It may be possible that more than one party shares responsibility for an accident. There may be multiple defendants, or, in some cases, the plaintiff may be partially responsible for their own injuries. This can come up in situations where an injured driver was breaking a traffic law or when a pedestrian was struck while jaywalking. California follows a pure comparative negligence rule for shared liability, meaning a plaintiff can collect damages from a negligent defendant regardless of their portion of fault. However, according to the California Code of Civil Procedure § 1714, a court may reduce an award for damages the claimant can collect based on their percentage of fault.

While pure comparative negligence laws can provide claimants with more opportunities for financial recovery, it is still crucial to have a solid case establishing the defendant’s fault for an accident. This is why working with an established San Jose amputation attorney is crucial. During a consultation, a legal professional could answer questions about pure comparative negligence and other applicable statutes.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Skilled San Jose Amputation Attorney

It is hard to conceptualize the impact an amputation can have on your life until it happens. The sudden loss of a limb can leave you with long-term physical, psychological, and financial challenges. Though compensation may not return you to a position before your accident, it could provide financial stability and access to the resources you and your family need to move forward.

An experienced San Jose amputation lawyer at Solution Now Law Firm could explain your rights and help you hold the person or entity who caused your injuries accountable. You do not have to face this time alone. Call us today to begin working on your case.

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