San Jose Motorcycle Helmet Laws

San Jose Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Thousands of motorcycle riders suffer severe injuries, with lifelong adverse consequences, every year in the United States. Protecting yourself should be a top priority if you are a motorcycle owner.

However, even if you follow every law and safety regulation, a negligent motorist could still cause a crash that leaves you with life-altering injuries. Thus, wearing safety gear, including a helmet that meets federal safety standards, is crucial. If you have questions about the San Jose motorcycle helmet laws or need help with a claim, speak with a knowledgeable lawyer.

The Purpose of Motorcycle Helmet Legislation

Traumatic brain injuries cause most of the fatalities each year involving motorcycles. Riders are nearly 85 percent more likely to sustain fatal head and brain damage when they fail to adhere to safety regulations.

Motorcycle helmet laws are in place because the safety gear is highly effective for protecting riders from sustaining severe injuries in crashes. There is a significant reduction in the chances of suffering life-threatening and fatal brain injuries when riders wear head protection. Safety gear, including helmets that meet federal standards, is essential while people of all ages ride on or operate motorcycles and other motorized bikes. A San Jose lawyer could help a motorcyclist understand the helmet laws that apply to them.

Motorcycle Helmet Regulations

Motorcycle helmet regulations exist to keep riders safe. Under the California Vehicle Code § 27803, all motorcycle operators and passengers must wear helmets that comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation or DOT requirements.

It is not only unlawful to drive or ride on a motorcycle as a passenger without wearing the required safety gear, which includes a helmet. If an officer observes an unlawful motorcyclist riding without safety gear, they could pay steep fines and face other penalties. Motorcyclists who were not wearing a helmet at the time of their accident might have difficulty pursuing a claim for their losses. During an initial consultation, a San Jose attorney could answer specific questions about San Jose motorcycle helmet laws and the penalties for noncompliance.

DOT Motorcycle Helmet Requirements

The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets minimum standards for helmets and other protection riders must wear while traveling on motorcycles. According to the regulation found at the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard § 218, motorcycle helmets must:

  • Contain a polystyrene foam inner lining of a minimum of one inch thick
  • Include sturdy attached chin straps
  • Not include any parts that protrude over two-tenths of an inch from the shell
  • Weigh a minimum of approximately three pounds

Motorcycle helmets must also contain a sticker certifying the DOT’s approval for meeting minimum safety standards.

Speak to an Experienced Attorney about Motorcycle Helmet Laws in San Jose

Motorcycles can be an excellent form of transportation and a fun pastime. However, they can also be extremely dangerous, especially when individuals fail to wear helmets.

When accidents occur, most riders will fall, or the impact will throw them off the motorcycle. There is a significant chance the rider’s head will forcefully impact the ground, a vehicle, trees, or other nearby stationary objects. Wearing safety gear, including a helmet, is the most significant way to keep yourself safe and avoid severe brain damage or death. If you are unsure of how San Jose motorcycle helmet laws will impact your injury claim or want to learn more about these regulations, reach out to our office today. The lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm are here to help.

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