San Jose Motorcycle Traffic Laws

San Jose Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcycle riders must follow most of the same traffic regulations as other motorists, except for a few exceptions. Riders can protect themselves by knowing and adhering to all traffic laws and safety statutes. Failing to adhere to local laws could make it difficult to obtain compensation in the event of an accident.

If you followed traffic laws and a reckless motorist caused a crash or are unsure of how specific regulations might affect your case, an attorney could help. Schedule a consultation with a skilled lawyer to discuss San Jose motorcycle traffic laws in more detail.

Motorcycle License Legal Requirements

State laws require that every rider obtain a learner’s permit before the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will issue them a motorcycle license. Riders under 21 must carry a learner’s permit for a minimum of six months before applying for a permanent motorcycle license.

All riders must pass a Motorcyclist Safety Program training course, skills, knowledge, and vision test before the DMV issues a Class M1 or M2 license. A San Jose attorney could answer questions about the local motorcycle traffic laws.

Motorcycle Safety Gear Laws and Requirements

Every motorcycle rider and passenger must wear a helmet while on the bike that complies with federal safety standards. The helmet must fit the rider’s head securely, be free of defects, and remain fastened at all times. Riders must refrain from wearing earphones in both ears, headsets, and earplugs, unless they are designed to protect ears from harmful noise while operating a motorcycle.

Lane Splitting Laws and Safety

Driving between two rows of vehicles on the yellow line or in the same lane as another car is known as “lane splitting.” This occurs on both divided and undivided roadways and can be hazardous when the motorcyclist or other motorists are careless. However, unlike in many other states, lane splitting is legal under the California Vehicle Code § 21658.1.

It is unlawful for other drivers to intentionally block riders when they are lane splitting to pass the vehicles. Motorists in the left lane must move over if necessary to let the rider pass safely. Drivers who purposely impede or attempt to stop motorcyclists from passing can face civil penalties and traffic violations.

When drivers’ reckless actions cause avoidable motorcycle accidents, the injured motorcyclists are entitled to compensation. A knowledgeable attorney could review the complete list of motorcycle traffic laws in San Jose when building a claim.

Lane Splitting Safety Tips

While lane splitting is legal in San Jose, it can still be risky when not done safely. The following safety tips can help motorcyclists avoid accidents:

  • Avoid lane splitting at high speeds
  • Use the left lane to pass vehicles
  • Do not ride in the shoulder, as this is illegal
  • Wear bright clothing to ensure visibility
  • Avoid passing between commercial trucks and recreational vehicles

Drivers of passenger cars and other vehicles must pay attention to their surroundings and remain alert for the presence of motorcycles. Failing to do so can leave them liable in the event of a crash.

Discuss Motorcycle Traffic Laws in San Jose with an Experienced Lawyer

Even when motorcyclists adhere to the laws and safety regulations, they are highly vulnerable in accidents and risk sustaining severe and even fatal injuries. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled lawyer. A dedicated member of the Solution Now Law Firm team could assess your case, go over the relevant San Jose motorcycle traffic laws with you, and work with you to pursue the payments you need. Call today to set up your free initial consultation.

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