Infotainment Systems

Infotainment Systems

Apple now has a feature that is called Carplay, where all of the standard Apple applications are available through the car’s navigation system. According to Apple, over 500 car models already work with Carplay and other models can be adapted with an aftermarket system. While Apple touts that this is a smarter, safer way to use your phone while in the car,  research shows it is still extremely dangerous to use infotainment systems while driving. Apple is not the only company driving the market for infotainment systems in cars. Other car models connect with Android phones or have their own system built-in. These infotainment systems offer GPS navigation, music, climate control, parking assistance, connection to your calendar, and more. While some still rely on buttons and knobs, many are simply touchscreens.

Infotainment Systems Cause Drivers to Take Their Eyes Off of the Road

According to Tech Explorist, research shows that using Apple’s Carplay touch screen resulted in drivers taking their eyes off of the road for up to 16 seconds, which is even worse than texting and driving. Texting slows a driver’s reaction time by 35 percent while Apple’s Carplay slows a driver’s reaction time by 57 percent for those who are not using the voice enabled features. Even those who use voice enabled features show a reaction time that is on par with texting and driving. While the Android equivalent is slightly better, it still slows a person’s reaction time by over 50 percent, which is unacceptable because it puts other road users unnecessarily at risk.

Ways to Safely Use Your Infotainment System

Ideally, you should get in the car and adjust everything you need to while parked. Get the temperature correct, your music selection picked out, and the map ready to go. If not, let your passenger be the person who controls the touchscreen while you focus on driving. If the adjustment you need to make mid-ride involves turning a knob or hitting a button, you can probably do that without taking your eyes off the road. However, if you need to use the touchscreen, we recommend you at least have it set to voice control and know in advance what the commands are. Even if your eyes remain forward the simple act of taking your mind off of driving to control the infotainment system still counts as distracted driving.

Contact Solution Now Law Firm If You Have Been Hit By A Distracted Driver

While distracted driving is often used in reference to texting and driving, looking down to operate the applications of an infotainment system or trying to talk to it while concentrating on traffic both also fall under distracted driving. Unfortunately, many drivers are not made aware of the dangers of infotainment systems and are instead sold on the fancy features. If you or a loved one has been hit by a distracted driver you may be able to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. The San Jose distracted driving accident attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm can help you pursue justice through the legal system. To schedule a free consultation, call our offices.

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