San Mateo Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

San Mateo Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury can leave you suffering from long-term or even permanent impairment to your mobility. While a wide range of accidents can cause spinal cord injuries, all too many of these go back to someone’s recklessness or carelessness.

You should speak with the dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm if you believe this was the case with your recent spine injury. A San Mateo spinal cord injury lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of the incident that led to your injury and help you understand your compensation options.

Overview of Spinal Cord Injuries and Causes

Spinal cord injuries vary in severity, but this kind of physical trauma can often have lasting ramifications. The magnitude of a spinal cord injury depends on a few factors, including the portion of the spine that sustains trauma and whether the injury is classified as complete or incomplete. The impacted spine area is irreparably harmed when someone sustains a complete spinal cord injury. In contrast, an incomplete spinal cord injury means that only a portion of the spine is harmed.

The spinal cord has four primary segments. These segments are the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, the sacral spine, and the cervical spine. Injuries to the cervical spine, for instance, are often known to cause the gravest physical outcomes, which in some cases is full paralysis of all the bodily extremities and the torso. On the other hand, an injury to the sacral spine may result in impaired mobility to the lower extremities or certain bodily functions.

The factors leading up to spinal cord injuries are as varied as the injuries themselves. These injuries often result from crushing accidents, like those sustained in an auto accident or other roadway collision or on an industrial worksite. Other events like slips and falls can cause severe spinal trauma. A San Mateo attorney could help a spinal cord injury survivor seek compensation from any and all parties responsible for their harm.

Seeking Damages After a Spinal Cord Injury

The types of damages awarded in a spinal cord injury case will depend on the extent of the losses suffered. Tangible costs associated with someone’s spinal cord injury, such as their past, ongoing, and future medical bills and lost wages, may be recovered. Intangible losses such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and disability sustained due to a spinal cord injury may also be factored into a compensation amount. San Mateo spinal cord injury attorneys have extensive experience dealing with cases like these and know how to put a monetary value on the losses associated with an accident.

Spine injury victims generally have only two years from the injury to file a personal injury claim. This means it is wise to consult with a lawyer at the first opportunity to discuss what legal options may be available.

Reach Out to a San Mateo Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A San Mateo spinal cord injury lawyer understands the unique hurdles that may arise in these cases. The team at Solution Now Law Firm knows what steps need to be taken to preserve your best interests while fighting for just financial compensation that reflects the magnitude of the harm you have suffered.

If you have questions about protecting your legal rights and starting a civil case for your recent spine injury, give us a call. We work on a contingency basis, so you don’t owe us a penny unless we win for you.

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