Damages in San Jose Wrongful Death Cases

Damages in San Jose Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death lawsuit is designed to provide surviving relatives with financial compensation following the loss of their loved one. This monetary award cannot undo the pain of losing a family member, but it could provide financial support to surviving relatives as they navigate this difficult time.

If you are considering a wrongful death lawsuit, you could benefit from the assistance of a seasoned attorney. There are different damages in San Jose wrongful death cases, and the right attorney could help you pursue all that you qualify for.

Final Expenses

Wrongful death lawsuits generally provide a monetary award that pays for the final expenses of a deceased family member. This starts with the cost of holding a funeral. It also includes expenses related to the cost of either cremation or burial. It is not uncommon to recover the cost of these final expenses through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Medical Costs

In many wrongful death cases, a decedent will receive extensive medical care in the time leading up to their passing. Often, this care will lead to an enormous medical bill. The obligation to pay these medical bills remains even after the passing of a loved one. Thankfully, a wrongful death settlement could cover the costs related to a loved one’s treatment at the end of their life.

Pain and Suffering

For many years, it was not possible to recover compensation for the pain and suffering a loved one suffered prior to their death. This remained true even when other jurisdictions altered their laws to allow this type of recovery. In 2022, California joined many other states in allowing pain and suffering compensation in successful wrongful death actions.

This change in the law became effective on January 1, 2022. That means pain and suffering compensation is only possible in cases filed after that date. “Pain and suffering” is a broad term that applies to more than just the physical pain a person sustained prior to their passing. These damages also cover disfigurement, which involves any permanent scarring that impacts the physical appearance of a person. A San Jose attorney could help families pursue damages for pain and suffering if they are applicable in their wrongful death case.

Lost Earnings

When people lose a family member, they can also lose the financial support that their loved one provided. In many cases, a sudden passing can leave generations of an entire family under sudden and unexpected financial strain. This loss of income could make it difficult or impossible to cover things like insurance premiums, mortgage payments, or the cost of things like food or clothing. A successful San Jose wrongful death lawsuit could provide compensation for these damages related to lost earnings.

Loss of Services

In addition to the work the decedent performed for a living, they also likely provided certain household services to the family they lived with. This could include things like washing dishes or mowing the yard. Surviving relatives might be entitled to compensation based on the loss of these services.

Talk to a Compassionate San Jose Attorney About Your Wrongful Death Case Damages Today

A monetary award as part of a successful wrongful death lawsuit could have a tremendous impact on your life moving forward. A settlement in your case cannot undo the loss you have suffered, but it could provide you with the means to support yourself following the sudden passing of your family member. Call us at Solution Now Law Firm today to discuss damages in a San Jose wrongful death case.

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