E-Scooter Safety in the San Jose Area

E-Scooter Safety in the San Jose Area

KQED reported that scooter-related injuries rose from an estimated 8,016 to 14,651 between 2017 and 2018. More concerning is that the article mentions a study found that 32 percent of the scooter injury cases involved a head trauma. While electric scooters are an excellent way to reduce traffic congestion and get outdoor time while commuting, they can be dangerous because there is not good infrastructure for them. As a result, many cities across the country, including San Jose, require e-scooters to be ridden in the streets next to fast-moving traffic. Below are some safety tips to keep you upright and safe on your scooter rides.

San Jose Scooter Rules

E-Scooters first showed up in The City of San Jose in March of 2018. By February 2019 they had begun a permit program, whereby the companies that operate scooters must pay an annual fee in addition to a fee per scooter, must get insurance, and protect the city from liability claims. The city also developed regulations for e-scooters which are as follows:

  • E-scooters must be ridden on bike paths, in bike lanes, or on the road. They are not allowed on the sidewalks. According to The Mercury News, the company Lime has technology installed in their scooters that allows them to send a warning to users they detect to be traveling on sidewalks.
  • Scooter users should yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk and who are crossing the street.
  • Users must have a driver’s license or instruction permit to operate a scooter.
  • Only one person per e-scooter at a time.
  • Other Tips to Keep You Safe

While the regulations set up by San Jose are a good place to start, there are other ways to protect yourself while riding an e-scooter. For one, we recommend you wear a helmet. Helmets will reduce the chances of you suffering serious head trauma in a collision with a car, cyclist, or pedestrian. Some individuals see the e-scooters as a good transportation alternative to driving after spending a night drinking at the bars. While it may prevent you from injuring someone else, operating an e-scooter after drinking will still jeopardize your safety, so it is better to take a rideshare or walk. To ensure you are balanced while riding, we encourage you to travel with a backpack. Lastly, look up your route in advance so that you will be comfortable with the amount of traffic on the streets next to you. Sometimes going a block out of your way to a quieter street can make for a more enjoyable trip while also ensuring your safety.

If You Are Hurt on An E-Scooter Contact The Solution Now Law Firm

You can take all the precautions possible while riding an e-scooter, but if a distracted driver is on the road next to you, you could still be injured in a collision. If you have been in an e-scooter accident and another person is at-fault for the crash, you can file a personal injury claim. The San Jose e-scooter accident attorneys at the Solution Now Law Firm are here to answer your questions and guide you through next steps after an injury. Contact us at 408-809-9746 to schedule a free consultation.




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