Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Sunnyvale

Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Sunnyvale

Some people ride motorcycles for adventure, excitement, or recreation, while others ride them because they are a cheaper mode of commuting than cars. Nobody purposely purchases a defective bike, which could pose a severe risk of harm. Unfortunately, motorcycle defects and recalls in Sunnyvale occasionally lead to accidents that cause debilitating physical, emotional, and financial losses.

You can seek financial damages when you suspect your motorcycle crashed because of an inherently defective part. Seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys from the Solution Now Law Firm could help you navigate the complex legal process.

Common Defects in Motorcycles That Can Lead to Accidents

Motorcycles have many parts, which could malfunction and cause a crash. When a part fails, an accident could occur even if the Sunnyvale motorcyclist is an experienced rider acting responsibly and following all traffic safety guidelines and laws, thus causing a recall.


Brakes are a motorcycle’s most important safety feature because they provide a line of defense from an accident in most situations. Motorcyclists cannot prevent a collision when brakes do not work as they should. Defective brakes can be unresponsive, stuck, or difficult to engage.


When tires have inherent flaws that make them fall off the frame or blow out, a motorcycle rider could fall over or skid and lose control of their vehicle.


When an engine stops working for no reason and without warning, the sudden deceleration could throw a motorcyclist off their bike. If an engine fails on a busy road or highway, the motorcycle rider could be at serious risk of being struck by an approaching vehicle.

Fuel Tanks

A malfunctioning or leaking fuel tank could explode, causing burns to the motorcycle’s rider and throwing the rider off the bike.


If a motorcycle’s steering mechanism is faulty, the motorcycle could become unstable and difficult to maneuver.

A skilled legal team could carefully comb through the evidence from the crash to learn what happened. Working with industry experts who have an in-depth knowledge of product manufacturing, they would also closely examine the manufacturing records to see if the motorcycle had a product defect.

Understanding How Motorcycle Recalls Work

Recalls can occur in two different ways. First, a motorcycle manufacturer who becomes aware of a potential safety defect can issue a recall. Second, if the federal government thinks a motorcycle has a problem due to accidents or consumer complaints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can issue a recall. Manufacturers must contact the owners of recalled vehicles in a timely manner.

When a motorcycle is the subject of a recall, the manufacturer must fix the safety issue at no cost to the consumer. The motorcycle’s owner can take their bike to an authorized dealer or repair shop to get the defective part fixed or obtain a replacement part.

If a motorcycle is the subject of a recall in Sunnyvale, it could serve as evidence that the bike was defective. Even if the motorcycle was not the subject of a recall notice, the manufacturers could still be liable for producing and selling a defective product. Local lawyers could use their experience to build a solid liability claim for compensation by establishing that the manufacturer knew or should have known about the defects.

Talk to Sunnyvale Motorcycle Attorneys About Recalls or Defects

Motorcycle manufacturers have to design, produce, and sell safe vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle defects and recalls in Sunnyvale can lead to devastating accidents that have tragic consequences.

When you believe a faulty motorcycle part caused your bike to crash, you deserve help. You can trust that our dedicated lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm could work hard to help you. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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