Responding To Common Defenses In Motorcycle Wreck Claims

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Responding To Common Defenses In Motorcycle Wreck Claims
The motorcycle crash fatality rate has increased significantly since the 1990s. Even if these victims survive, they often sustain permanent injuries. Compensation in wrongful death and permanent disability cases is usually quite high. Since so...Read More >>
Chain Reaction Crash Ends In Deadly Fireball
Emergency responders rushed to the scene of an accident which involved a car that was fully engulfed in flames, but they were unable to save the driver. According to investigators, a 45-year-old woman’s car was...Read More >>
The Five Elements of a Negligence Claim
Negligence, whether it is driver impairment or an operational error, is always unintentional. No one means to cause a crash and cause injury. Therefore, a negligence case essentially holds people responsible for the errors they...Read More >>
Top Three Kinds Of Driver Impairment
Statistically, impaired drivers cause about half of the fatal car crashes in California. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of these wrecks is that, in many cases, they need never have happened. Most impaired motorists know they...Read More >>
Charges Now Pending In Fatal CHP Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident
The City of Long Beach filed vehicular manslaughter charges stemming from an October 2019 incident which involved a motorcycle officer and a 24-year-old pedestrian. According to a civil lawsuit filed by the victim’s survivors, the...Read More >>
Quintuple-Fatal Car Wreck On Interstate 5
Five people were killed when a Toyota driver veered off the road and careened into a road sign, chain link fence, and tree in the Stockton area. According to the California HIghway Patrol, the 33-year-old...Read More >>
Breaking Down the Comparative Fault Defense in California
Comparative fault, or contributory negligence, is probably the most common insurance company defense in car wreck claims. All states recognize this defense, but it works differently in different jurisdictions. More on that below. A San Jose...Read More >>
A Closer Look at Left-Turn Motorcycle Wrecks
According to the landmark Hurt Report, unsafe left turns cause about a third of the fatal motorcycle crashes in the United States. Here’s how these wrecks often happen. Butch is waiting at an intersection for...Read More >>

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