Facial Injuries From Car Crashes

Facial Injuries From Car Crashes

Facial injuries are common during traffic crashes, particularly for the driver and front seat passenger. According to an article in the International Journal of Surgery, road traffic accidents were responsible for between five and 15 percent of all facial injuries in developed countries. When a car crashes, the bodies inside the car are thrown forward or sideways and can hit the steering wheel, instrument panel, and windows. Seatbelts and other safety features have decreased the severity and number of these injuries nationwide, but many people involved in traffic crashes continue to experience facial trauma. When a person suffers facial injuries in a car crash, it is critical they seek compensation through a personal injury claim because the expenses to make a full recovery are extensive.

Lacerations and Bruising 

An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that just over 50 percent of patients treated for facial injuries from road accidents suffered open wounds. This includes lacerations, abrasions, soft tissue defects, and friction burns. When a victim suffers from open wounds they will likely also have to contend with scars after the injury has healed. Scarring is a type of disfigurement and will be taken into account when determining compensation for a personal injury claim. 

Broken Bones

It is easy to forget that our face structure is made up of several bones and that these can break just like the radius bone in your wrist or the femur in your leg. Facial fractures can include:

  • Orbital (eye socket) fractures;
  • Nasal fractures;
  • Frontal (forehead) fractures;
  • Zygomaticomaxillary (cheekbone/upper jaw) fractures;
  • Mandible (lower jaw) fractures; and
  • Midface fractures.

Often a victim will suffer from multiple facial fractures at once. Depending on the severity a fracture might be left to heal on its own or it might require extensive reconstructive surgery. Plates or screws can be used to help keep bone in place but they also increase the risk for an infection. One initial surgery may result in several follow-up surgeries until a person is content with how their face looks in the mirror. When it comes time to determine how much a traffic case is worth, it is important to wait until there is a very clear understanding of what surgeries need to take place and what the associated costs will be.

A San Jose Attorney Can Help You Recover Compensation for Facial Trauma

If you or a loved one have suffered facial trauma during a road accident of any kind, it is vital that you seek out a personal injury attorney to help you file a personal injury claim. Even if the injuries seem to be healing on their own, you may need plastic surgery at a later date to overcome the disfigurement of scarring or improperly healed bones. The San Jose personal injury attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm understand how traumatic this time is for you and want to use our skill to help you get the best compensation possible. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling our offices.

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