Legal Options In Drugged Driving Wrecks

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Legal Options In Drugged Driving Wrecks
In 2015, California law enforcement officers, citing the state’s DUI law, arrested a man for allegedly driving under the influence of caffeine. Prosecutors later dismissed this charge. But the arrest itself is clear proof of...Read More >>
What To Expect In A Vehicle Collision Claim
Almost all vehicle collisions end the same way. Over 95 percent of these matters settle out of court. However, just like every car wreck is different, every claim follows a different path to settlement. Sometimes,...Read More >>
Fireball SUV-Large Truck Crash Kills One
Witnesses said an SUV burst into flame when it was caught under a semi-truck’s trailer as that driver tried to change lanes. The wreck happened in San Jose, on northbound U.S. Highway 101 near the...Read More >>
Basic Elements Of A Motorcycle Crash Claim
Most motorcycle riders literally have only the clothes on their back to protect them when cars hit them. As a result, motorcyclists are almost thirty times more likely to die in these cases, when compared...Read More >>
Sheriff’s Deputy Hits And Kills Fleeing Suspect
The man was running away from a DUI stop on foot when a San Mateo County Sheriff’s vehicle plowed into him. Officers were about to take the man, identified only as a 26-year-old Hispanic male,...Read More >>
Legal Options In Alcohol-Related Wrecks
Thanks to a decades-long crackdown against drunk drivers, the number of alcohol-related crash fatalities in California has declined since the 1980s. But it is still alarmingly high. Alcohol is one of the most powerful depressants...Read More >>
Proving Liability In Truck Crash Claims
Since 2005, shipping companies have dealt with a truck driver shortage which is only getting worse. Since there are fewer trucks on the road to haul the same amount of freight, these vehicles are almost...Read More >>
Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Disabled Pedestrian
A woman in a wheelchair is dead after a speeding car ran her over as she crossed the street in a crosswalk. The wreck happened at the intersection of Curtner Avenue and the Monterey Highway....Read More >>

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