Proving Speed in a Traffic Collision

Proving Speed in a Traffic Collision

NBC News reported on a 2019 survey that found 82 percent of respondents admitted to speeding up to 15 mph over the speed limit. If you were in a traffic collision, there is a good chance that the responsible party was speeding. While you may suspect speeding, how does one prove speed was a factor after the crash has already occurred?

Physical Evidence

Traffic forensic experts study evidence at crash scenes to help them determine the cause of the crash. They use the following to help determine what speed any involved vehicles were traveling at:

  • Debris flung from the vehicle – The basic concept is that the more force that goes into a crash, the further away from the scene pieces of the car will land. After a crash, it is important to leave debris for the crash scene investigator to document.
  • Skid marks – The faster a vehicle is traveling, the longer it will take them to come to a complete stop. The length of skid marks along the pavement can help the authorities determine the speed of the braking vehicle prior to impact.
  • The damage caused to your car – Again, a faster-traveling vehicle will have more force coming into the collision. If a car is traveling at 10 mph through a parking lot when the driver causes a head-on collision the damage will likely be minimal and concentrated at the bumper. However, a head-on collision at 75 mph will likely crumple the entire front of your vehicle.

Witnesses and Drivers Who Admit Fault

It is not hard to point out drivers who speed on the road. You may be abiding by the speed limit yourself when you see another driver come flying past you or you may be walking on a sidewalk when you hear a car roar by at a speed that is obviously faster than other traffic. When a driver hits you, there may have been witnesses nearby who saw that the driver was speeding. Ask any witnesses to stick around for the police or to provide you with their contact information. Too often drivers will provide excuses for their mistakes, however, there are cases when a driver admits that they were in a rush to get to somewhere and caused the crash and your injuries.

The San Jose Attorneys at Solution Now Can Help Investigate the Cause of Your Crash

Speeding is an almost accepted part of American culture, but it endangers others who share the road. According to the National Safety Council, speeding was a factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities during 2018. If you or a loved one have been injured on the road, you need to prove that you were not at-fault so that you can file a personal injury claim and receive the compensation you deserve. The San Jose car accident attorneys at the Solution Now Law Firm can help you prove that the driver who hit you was going over the speed limit. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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