Two Common Car Accident Injuries That Are Much More Serious Than They Initially Seem

Two Common Car Accident Injuries That Are Much More Serious Than They Initially Seem

If you emerge from a car accident with no visible injuries and only minor aches and pains, you are probably eager just to go on with your life.  With car repairs and rising insurance premiums on your mind, the last thing you feel like doing is spending hours in the emergency room waiting room, only to have the doctor tell you that you are fine, and then later to receive a thousand-dollar hospital bill for all the diagnostic tests and physician services it took to reach your diagnosis of nothing.  Avoiding that initial ER visit could be a big mistake, though, both from a medical perspective and a financial one.  Even if you don’t look or feel injured, that initial ER visit could make a big difference.  Some very common injuries that result from car accidents take hours, days, or even weeks to start showing symptoms, and those symptoms don’t go away quickly without treatment.  If you are worried about the bills, contact a San Jose, California car accident lawyer when you get home from the ER.

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury is a muscle injury that occurs when a car accident causes your upper body to be thrown forward and then back.  For example, it can happen when someone rear-ends your car, or when you brake suddenly in a last-ditch effort to avoid a collision.  Its main symptoms are pain and stiffness in your neck and upper back.  In mild cases, it goes away on its own after a few weeks, but in more severe cases, it lasts a long time and requires physical therapy or other treatments.  The pain usually starts a day or two after the accident and gets worse before it gets better.  Worst of all, it is difficult to tell how severe your case of whiplash will be right when the accident happens.  Advanced age and poor physical fitness are risk factors for severe whiplash injury, but it is really not possible to tell, right after the accident, how you will feel the following week.

Concussions: More Than Just a Headache

Those cartoons that show characters seeing stars when they bump their heads play concussions for laughs, but it becomes obvious that concussions are no laughing matter when you call them by their medical name: brain injury.  The pain, dizziness, and nausea of the days and weeks following the accident, are bad enough, but concussions can have long-lasting effects after the acute symptoms go away.  Some patients suffer neurological symptoms such as poor balance, memory impairment, sensitivity to light and sound, or even changes to mood and personality, as a result of a concussion.  Even if you do not lose consciousness, you should seek medical treatment immediately if you hit your head during a car accident.

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Your priority after a car accident should be your health.  A San Jose car accident lawyer will help you deal with the financial consequences.  Contact Solution Now Law Firm for help with your case.

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