Car Accident

Violent Car Crash In Oakland Kills Three People
Investigators say a 28-year-old Oakland woman was traveling over 100mph when she lost control of her 2013 Hyundai Elantra and struck two other vehicles. The wreck happened in Stockton, near the intersection of State Highway...Read More >>
The Five Elements Of A Car Wreck Case
The basic elements of a vehicle collision matter come from a case which predates the automobile. A court decided Davies v. Mann in 1842. A man allowed his donkey to graze on the side of the road...Read More >>
Electronic Evidence In Car Wreck Claims
In many car crash claims, the evidentiary triangle of medical bills, the victim’s testimony, and the police accident report is enough to establish negligence, or a lack of care, by a preponderance of the evidence,...Read More >>
High-Speed Police Chase Kills San Jose Teenager
A pursuit which began when an allegedly intoxicated motorist refused to pull over ended in a fireball collision which killed one person and seriously injured three others. The chase began when California Highway Patrol officers...Read More >>
The Most Common Vicarious Liability Theories In Car Wreck Claims
Most California drivers are underinsured. The Golden State has one of the lowest auto insurance minimum requirements in the country. Many drivers have only $30,000 of bodily injury coverage. That amount barely covers the hospital...Read More >>
Alcohol-Involved Crash Kills Two People In Contra Costa County
Charges are pending against the driver who caused a multi-vehicle collision which killed two people and injured seven others. The suspect driver, who was speeding excessively according to police, smacked into a second vehicle. The...Read More >>
Legal Options In Drugged Driving Wrecks
In 2015, California law enforcement officers, citing the state’s DUI law, arrested a man for allegedly driving under the influence of caffeine. Prosecutors later dismissed this charge. But the arrest itself is clear proof of...Read More >>
What To Expect In A Vehicle Collision Claim
Almost all vehicle collisions end the same way. Over 95 percent of these matters settle out of court. However, just like every car wreck is different, every claim follows a different path to settlement. Sometimes,...Read More >>

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