Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents in San Jose

Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents in San Jose

San Jose’s scenic treasures and temperate climate make it ideal for bicycling, which has grown to be a popular sport in Santa Clara County. Unfortunately, as the number of bicyclists has increased, so has the number of severe injuries and deaths from collisions with negligent motorists. San Jose has more deadly accidents than any other city in the county. Bicyclists always suffer the brunt of the injuries in these collisions because they are vulnerable to two tons of barreling metal.

No matter how responsible you are as a bicyclist, all it takes is one reckless driver to change your life forever. Severe injuries can lay you up for a long time, keeping you from working and enjoying time riding your bicycle. A skilled bike wreck attorney could help you pursue compensation for the uncommon and common injuries from bicycle accidents in San Jose.

Bicyclists Rarely Walk Away Unscathed After an Accident

Even if bicyclists wear helmets and protective clothing, they will almost always be seriously injured after motorists knock them off their bicycles. The initial impact from the vehicle and the secondary impact with the road causes a variety of injuries, the worst to the head. Other injuries common in bike accidents include:

  • Multiple broken or fractured bones
  • Road rash, including to the face, caused by the skin scraping along a rough surface, such as a gravel or paved roadway
  • Neck and back injuries that can cause partial or complete paralysis
  • Contusions; the bruising of soft tissues
  • Strains and sprains; the tearing of muscle tissue connecting bones to muscles or other bones
  • Internal organ damage, such as a torn spleen

Although injuries suffered in bicycle accidents are usually apparent at the scene and should be treated immediately, injured San Jose riders should consult their physicians to ensure any subsequent problems are detected. Police and medical reports are crucial as evidence when bicyclists consult lawyers to negotiate with insurance companies or file lawsuits for negligence against offending motorists after suffering injuries in bicycle accidents.

Bike Accident Injuries May Require Expensive Treatment

Injured bicyclists lose a lot when motorists do not act responsibly; physical agility, cognitive function, and feeling safe on the road. To recover compensation, injured bicyclists need to prove that a driver acted negligently. Negligent motorists have a duty to bicyclists to drive safely but breach that duty by behaving irresponsibly, causing accidents that injure bicyclists.

An attorney familiar with the cost of injuries from bicycle accidents will present evidence from medical and police records, witness testimony, surveillance camera footage, and cell phone snapshots. If the jury members agree the evidence proves negligence, they will award compensation.

Because bike accidents cause severe injuries, the award must be enough to pay for extensive medical treatment, recuperative and rehabilitative care, wages lost from being unable to work, and property damage. Bicyclists can also recover damage awards for the pain they are suffering, both physical and emotional, disfigurement, loss of everyday family life, and loss of future wages. A skilled lawyer could pursue a compensation award that accounts for these losses.

Do Not Wait to Take Legal Action

The California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 is the law that gives civil litigants in personal injury cases two years from the date of an accident to file their cases. In almost all cases, failure to file within this statute of limitations bars recovery forever.

An injury lawyer should be consulted to ensure filing deadlines are met after a bicycle accident. A seasoned attorney could assess a specific bike wreck case and the injuries sustained, collect evidence of negligence, and take the necessary steps for filing within the required timeframe in San Jose.

Learn More About the Common Injuries Sustained in San Jose Bike Crashes

Bike accidents are on the rise. Even if you obey all traffic rules, a careless driver could still put you and others on the road at risk. Injuries from bike accidents lead to lengthy and expensive treatment that the at-fault driver should pay for.

If you suffered from any of the common injuries from bicycle accidents in San Jose, or uncommon ones, we are here to help. Our team at Solution Now Law Firm is prepared to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Call today to set up your free case consultation.

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