What to do After a Bicycle Accident in Sunnyvale

What to do After a Bicycle Accident in Sunnyvale

When a bicyclist is hit by a car, it can be a stressful situation. If you were involved in a bicycle accident, do not panic. It is crucial to maintain your composure after the crash. Be sure to consult a bicycle accident attorney about your options.

There are important things you can do to protect yourself and any potential claim against the driver responsible. However, what you do in the moments after the accident can have a significant impact on your right to compensation for your injuries. Read on to better understand what to do after a bicycle accident in Sunnyvale.

Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be overwhelming, and many feel unsure of what to do after they get hurt. There are basic steps anyone involved in a crash should take following a Sunnyvale bike crash.

Contact the Police

After a bicycle accident, one of the most important things to do is contact the police. The officer will document the accident and prepare a report, which can support a claim against the person responsible. If the driver who caused the accident flees, stay on scene and give a statement to the responding officer.

Do Not Negotiate

The driver who caused the accident may apologize or accept the blame, and they may even offer to pay for any damages out of pocket. Do not negotiate with them or accept anything. The best thing to do is handle the claim through their insurance company.

Obtain Contact Information

Be sure to exchange contact information with the other driver and any potential witnesses who may have observed what happened. Eyewitnesses can offer crucial testimony if the driver disputes fault.

Document What Happened

If possible, the person should write down every detail about the crash, when it happened, where it was located, traffic, and road conditions. Take photographs of any injuries or damage to the vehicle or bicycle.

Give the Officer a Statement

An injured person should always tell the officer what happened. It is crucial that the cyclist’s version of events is included because sometimes the police will only ask the motorist.

Seek Medical Attention

While it may seem obvious, one should always seek medical attention after the accident. It is crucial to document even minor injuries with a healthcare professional. Sometimes, clients will delay treatment because they fear the cost. While this is understandable, a record of the injury will support a claim against the driver’s insurance. Also, it is best to take photographs of injuries and record any symptoms.

Do Not Talk to Insurance Companies

The responsible driver’s insurance company may contact the cyclist for a statement or to make a settlement offer. It is best to avoid speaking to the adjuster about the claim until speaking with an attorney. Representation precludes the insurance company from contacting the plaintiff.

Consult a Legal Professional

Lastly, the victim should consult an experienced attorney about the claim. An attorney could review the claim to identify any potential hurdles to financial compensation and will negotiate with insurance companies on their behalf for a settlement.

Reasons to Hire Legal Counsel

Bicycle accidents can involve complex issues, and proving fault against the responsible motorist can be difficult. Hiring an attorney who is familiar with bicycle accident litigation can streamline the process of obtaining compensation. A Sunnyvale lawyer could advise the victim how they should proceed following the accident, negotiate with insurance companies to ensure a fair settlement, and file a lawsuit if necessary. Moreover, some bicycle accident claims require expert testimony, which a firm could provide.

Contact a Sunnyvale Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The moments after a bicycle accident are critical. If you were the victim of a bicycle accident caused by negligence, we want to help you hold the driver who hit you responsible for your injuries. Speak with a Sunnyvale bicycle accident lawyer about filing a claim.

Choosing the right personal injury attorney is an important decision. At Solution Now Law Firm, we prioritize our client relationships and recognize that each case is unique and requires an individualized approach. Our attorneys have experience working for insurance companies and bring their knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients. Contact us today.

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