Front-End Car Accidents in San Mateo

Front-End Car Accidents in San Mateo

Even if you are a responsible driver, accidents happen daily on California highways. It is one of the deadliest states for motorists in America, with Californians killed in car accidents at five times the national rate. Even though T-bone and rear-end accidents are more common, head-on crashes are often more severe.

A crash is just the beginning. You face a long road to recovery, including surgery, physical therapy, and rest. You may miss work, jeopardizing your financial stability. Your family will endure its emotional turmoil. Let our skilled car crash attorneys fight for the compensation you need to recover in peace after front-end car accidents in San Mateo.

How Do Front-End Car Crashes Occur?

Front-end or head-on crashes occur when one car’s nose smashes directly into another’s nose. They are often deadly because two opposing forces travel at high speed in opposite directions. When they crash into each other, the motorists’ bodies do not immediately stop like the cars do. The laws of physics predict a dire outcome the higher the speed. Front-end car collisions frequently occur when:

  • Drivers enter a highway mistakenly from the off-ramp
  • Impaired drivers on two-lane roads drift into the oncoming lane
  • Drivers passing on two-lane roads miscalculate the speed of an oncoming vehicle
  • Drivers attempt to pass in a no-passing zone on a two-lane road and fail to see an oncoming motorist

After a front-end car crash in San Mateo, an injured person should promptly consult with one of our injury attorneys.

California Statute of Limitations

California generally allows two years to file a lawsuit against a negligent person. Although, some exceptions apply, which can extend the time a plaintiff is granted to sue a defendant.

Minors whose parents or guardians do not file personal injury lawsuits on their behalf could pursue these claims when they turn 18. They then have two years, until age 20, to act.

Motorists who intentionally try to kill another motorist by ramming their cars into them face a 10-year statute of limitations from the date they are discharged from parole after a criminal conviction.

Suing a government entity or employee who acted negligently in the context of their job also has its own rules. The government entity must be notified, and an action must be filed within six months after the front-end accident, which a qualified San Mateo injury attorney could help complete.

Wrongful Death Actions

Family members bring wrong death lawsuits when a loved one does not survive a front-end crash. If the loved one survived and was entitled to an injury lawsuit, a family can generally file a wrongful death suit.

Juries will consider awarding families end-of-life expenses and additional financial losses if the decedent was a breadwinner.

Our Skilled Lawyers Seek Justice Following San Mateo Front-End Car Accidents

Front-end wrecks are categorized as among the deadliest in California. When healing from an injury caused by another motorist, consult with a dedicated car wreck attorney at Solution Now Law Firm. We assign a team of experts to every case and work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers understand the complex personal injury process. After suffering from a front-end car accident in San Mateo, let us fight hard for you. You can call or text our main number to meet with a committed lawyer at our firm.

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