Hit and Run Car Accidents in San Mateo

Hit and Run Car Accidents in San Mateo

Car accidents happen all the time on California’s busy roads. However, when you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, it can be even more stressful. It is especially difficult when the driver responsible for a crash does not bother to stop their vehicle to check on the other driver. When you have been seriously injured in a hit and run collision, you probably have hefty medical bills to worry about and other financial, emotional, and physical stressors.

When you are injured in a hit and run car accident in San Mateo, there are essential steps you can take to protect your rights. When possible, get a description of the vehicle that hit you or a license plate number. Even if you cannot get their information, contact the police. A skilled car crash attorney from Solution Now Law Firm could help you track down the at-fault driver or file a claim through your insurance policy.

Hit and Run Laws in California

A hit and run occurs when one driver intentionally flees the scene without exchanging information or aiding the other vehicle. California law criminalizes leaving an accident when someone is injured or killed. When the accident results only in damage to the vehicle, it is considered a misdemeanor. However, when someone dies or suffers a catastrophic injury, the responsible driver could be charged with a felony.

Most drivers that commit a hit and run do so out of fear. It is not uncommon for drivers to face additional charges, including:

Anyone injured in a hit and run should speak to a San Mateo attorney experienced with hit and run cases to discuss pursuing compensation.

Steps To Take After a Driver Leaves the Scene of a Crash

Despite the consequences, hit and runs are unfortunately more common than one would think. Even if the at-fault driver flees the scene of the crash, there are important steps the injured person can take to hold them responsible, including:

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, get medical care for anyone injured in the accident.

Contact the Police

After ensuring everyone involved is okay, contact the police. The officer will make an incident report and may be able to track down the driver.

Speak to Witnesses

If there are bystanders, ask them if they observed anything about the vehicle that caused the crash.

Document the Accident Scene

When possible, take photos and videos of any damage or injuries.

Make an Insurance Claim

If they are unable to locate the driver, the injured party should file a claim with their insurance. Most policies have coverage for hit and run accidents.

Hire a Local Attorney

In some cases, it will make sense to hire a lawyer to file a claim. A legal professional could attempt to locate the driver and hold them responsible. And if not, they can advise of other options to recover compensation after a San Mateo hit and run car wreck.

Hire a San Mateo Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney to Help

After a hit and run, you might be overwhelmed. Tracking down the driver might seem impossible if you do not have their information. When you are injured in one of these crashes, discuss your options with a qualified professional. Our skilled attorneys have helped countless clients injured by hit and run car accidents in San Mateo.

Our dedicated lawyers from Solution Now Law Firm are here to help. Contact our office to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

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