Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures in San Jose

Bicycle Safety and Preventative Measures in San Jose

San Jose is trying hard to overcome its reputation as the most dangerous city in Santa Clara County for bicycling. Protected bicycle lanes, protected intersections, and traffic diverters are just a few of the protective measures in place to keep cyclists safe.

A positive bicycling experience benefits all residents. But the city cannot address all dangerous biking spots alone. You, as a bicyclist, must do your part. Remember to follow the laws, and if you are in an accident, reach out to a local bike wreck attorney. Our team at Solution Now Law Firm could help get you compensated for your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Bicycle Safety Tips

When bicyclists enjoy San Jose’s user-friendly paths, trails, and bike lanes, they can employ tips to keep their rides safe and others sharing the road safe, too. Bicyclists should:

  • Abide by California Vehicle Law 21200, in which bicyclists have the same privileges and responsibilities as motorists
  • Wear a properly fitted and authorized helmet; it is the law for bicyclists and passengers younger than 18 but will save lives at any age
  • Equip bicycles with white headlights and rear reflectors for night riding
  • Wear light-colored or reflective clothing at night and fluorescent clothing during the day
  • Refrain from wearing earphones in both ears, which distracts from surrounding dangers
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic to the right of the road if the bike’s speed is less than motorists’
  • Avoid swerving in and out of parked cars
  • Pay attention to surroundings

Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable even when all preventative steps are taken. Bicyclists injured in accidents with motorists should contact a skilled San Jose attorney to discuss how motorists breach bicycle safety and preventative measures.

What San Jose is Doing to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

San Jose has committed to bikers’ safety by redesigning several streets with an eye toward safety and convenience. Streets that already have bike lanes may see the addition of protected bike lanes which flip the position of parking and biking lanes, using parked cars as a buffer between traffic and bicyclists.

The city utilizes traffic diverters on less busy streets and protected intersections on busier streets. These intersections make crosswalks shorter and position bicyclists and pedestrians crossing the street to be more visible to motorists.

Despite Best Efforts, Accidents Happen

Bicyclists are still at risk, despite their prudent actions and San Jose’s initiatives because sometimes motorists are careless or reckless. The law allows injured bicyclists to collect a settlement or damages award if a motorist causes an accident that injures them, even if the bicyclist was partly to blame.

A San Jose lawyer could establish a negligence case based on the facts of a bicyclist’s accident. An attorney must prove the motorist was negligent to a jury if negotiations with the motorist’s insurance company are fruitless. To establish the motorist’s negligence, an attorney presents evidence that the motorist owed the bicyclist a duty to drive safely, the driver breached that duty, and the bicyclist was injured because of that breach.

Bicycle Safety Measures Help, But Do Not Stop, Accidents in San Jose

California prescribes laws and offers tips for safe biking, and San Jose is redesigning roads to reduce the number of accidents that, in recent years, have outpaced other cities in Santa Clara County. You do your part by adopting safety tips and following state laws.

However, if a reckless motorist ignores safe driving tips and puts you in jeopardy to the point you are injured, you may be eligible for compensation. Your medical and other bills will not go away if you cannot work, and the at-fault driver should be held financially and legally accountable. To learn more about your compensation options and how bicycle safety preventative measures in San Jose could affect your case, contact us today.

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