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San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers

The clock starts ticking the moment you realize — or should have reasonably realized — that you are injured. For some catastrophic injuries, this realization happens right away. Other injuries might take longer to show symptoms.

Even if you only suspect you are hurt, it could benefit you to take immediate action. As you wait, memories fade and eyewitness accounts become less reliable. Even physical evidence tends to degrade over time. Your strongest case starts right now — contact us today at 408-256-2871 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Every Type of Injury Is Different

Solution Now Law Firm is a dedicated personal injury practice serving San Jose, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Gatos and the entirety of the South Bay area. We have the experience you need to get the settlement or verdict you deserve.

We have guided our clients to success in a variety of personal injury matters. Here are some of our main areas of focus:

  • Car Accidents: Car accident injuries are relatively common. Despite that, they still have the potential to cause lifelong, costly injuries. Please do not settle for any less than you deserve.
  • Bicycle Accidents: We handle motorist-cyclist, cyclist-cyclist or other types of bike-related accidents. Please do not sign documents until you have the legal context to make the right decision.
  • E-Scooter Accidents: People have rights when operating e-scooters, such as those offered by Bird and Lime rental services. We investigate the equipment, individuals and circumstances involved to get the compensation our clients deserve.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Burns, road rash, bone trauma, head injuries: The horrifying injuries typical of motorcycle crashes come with extreme anguish and high medical bills. We act quickly and decisively to make bikers whole again after these types of accidents.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Drivers are often to blame in collisions involving pedestrians. Please do not admit fault, even if you believe you were not in a protected crosswalk area.
  • Truck Accidents: Lawsuits associated with commercial vehicles often involve multiple competing parties. They fight to protect their careers and businesses — we fight to protect our clients’ futures.
  • Wrongful Death: California law allows certain people to benefit from civil lawsuits pursued on a deceased relative’s behalf. We help families navigate the complex legal aspect of these tragic losses.

What To Do After An Accident

Your first steps after an accident are often the most important. Here is a brief list of suggestions:

  • Seek appropriate emergency medical attention for yourself and other injured people.
  • Take photographs, make notes and collect personal contact information relevant to the event.
  • Contact an attorney to discuss your accident.

If you cannot perform the investigatory tasks suggested above, please notify your attorney immediately. As personal injury lawyers, we are accustomed to gathering accident information.

Get Personalized and Effective Legal Help from our Personal Injury Lawyers

We fight for your rights against insurance companies, commercial vehicle operators, car manufacturers, other drivers and anyone else who stands between you and the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call 408-256-2871 or Contact us today for a free case evaluation.


Young L.

“Jimin has been so professional during my experience with her. I loved her way of working, that she has been so clear in communication and always responded quickly with any question or concern. At the end, I received surprising result and that was beyond my expectation. I highly recommend her and her team. Great team, excellent work.”

Shee S.

“Many other law offices refused because two big insurance companies were against me. I was terrified, Jimin accepted my case and with a remarkably professional way, she solved all the problems. It was hard to believe it at first. Before meeting Jimin, I thought the world was unfair, but…”


Medical Expenses

If you are injured in an accident, medical bills can pile up quickly. Our firm will make sure you get the medical attention you need without having to pay out of pocket.

Lost & Future Wages

If you cannot work after you are injured in an accident, you may have a claim for lost earnings. We’ll fight for the compensation you would have received had you not been injured.

Vehicle Damage

If you have been injured in an accident that has caused damage to your vehicle, we want you to get back on the road and will help recover damages.

Pain & Suffering

We will fight for just compensation after an injury for pain and suffering, including the emotional distress you have endured after being injured by the negligent acts of the at-fault party.

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